Options as a Strategic Investment Study Guide by McMillan, Lawrence G. (2012) Paperback

December 16, 2018 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

You have options This is a review for the 4th edition. This edition is about 15 years old but much cheaper than the 5th edition. Reviews I read online indicated that the 5th edition did not contain a lot more material than the 4th edition. As someone new to the world of options, I find the 4th edition complete enough for my needs. The author gives a simple, but complete picture of buying and selling options.

Anonymous says:

A four-star book but a three-star update. Several years ago my broker recommended the 4th (2002) edition of this book. I liked it so much that I bought two of McMillan’s subsequent publications: (cited as McMillan, 2004) and (cited as McMillan,…

Anonymous says:

An exhaustive reference! This book is a very complete reference about option trading. It probably has more information than most people ever wanted to know but you don’t read a book like this from front to back. That said, I would recommend reading the early introductory chapters but then concentrating only on chapters that describe the trading technique that you are interested in (Calls, Puts, Vertical Spreads, etc). I especially found discussion about the risk of being assigned useful and it made me more comfortable…

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